(Astro) Turf Wars (Taki Oldham, 2010)

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(Astro) Turf Wars
Taki Oldham (Australia, 2010) [90 min]

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    In Summer 2009, something stirred in America. After Barack Obama and a Democratic congress swept to power promising a new era of hope and change, out of nowhere a citizens protest movement emerged that threatened to derail their agenda. Was this uprising the epitome of grassroots democracy? Or was it, as some said, an example of ‘astroturfing’? That is, the creation of fake grassroots (ie. Astroturf: get it?) groups, designed to put corporate messages in the mouths of seemingly independent citizens.

    Fascinated by this concept of astroturfing and curious to find out if these accusations were true, Australian filmmaker Taki Oldham hopped on a plane to investigate. Going undercover as a curious onlooker, his month-long journey took him over 5000 miles, 6 states and right into the heart of the ‘American Dream’.

Brad Johnson en escribió:Since the beginning of 2008, ThinkProgress and the Wonk Room have been closely tracking the hidden influence of the corporate right over national politics, including pollution billionaires David and Charles Koch, mountaintop removal kingpin Don Blankenship, and big oil’s vast front group networks. These polluter magnates have worked with Republican operatives to shape the Tea Party movement that has redefined American politics.

Now, a new documentary fully exposes how front groups like the Kochs’ Americans for Prosperity, Energy Citizens, and Blankenship’s Friends of America have taken populist discontent during a Democratic presidency and redirected it to their radical right-wing corporate agenda of global warming pollution, regressive taxation, and health-care profiteering. In (Astro)Turf Wars, Australian filmmaker Taki Oldham journeys from Philadelphia to West Virginia, interviewing angry grassroots conservatives and the corporate public relations experts who are manipulating them. Going undercover at several Tea Party rallies, Oldham has exclusive coverage of how :bt: corporate profiteers are attempting to bring the United States government back under their thumb.

Comentario personal:

    Los compañeros de La Tuerka nos llamaron la atención sobre este docu, y tiene muy buena pinta, lamentablemente no he encontrado subtítulos en ningún idioma :(

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    Producida / Filmada / Editada por: Taki Oldham.

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Parece que hay una versión resumida de este trabajo para TV, porque comparten todo menos el año, el título y la duración, comparten hasta carátula...

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